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Thumbs up 5% for success--2nd attempt!

Hello again everyone! Well, I am back again. gained back every pound I lost in 2012 for my daughters wedding . I am going to recalculate and work on it again the way that worked for me last time.

I lost 40 lbs by taking it down to 5% increments for each goal and not putting a time limit (within reason) on it. That is 5% of the total weight you want to lose, not your total weight.

I followed a relatively strict 1800 calorie modified Atkins type diet with an emphasis on low-fat, high-protein foods (with fruits and vegetables) and lots of water(Crystal light and iced tea also).

I also went out of my way for 30 minutes a day of "deliberate movement" (calling it exercise was too intimidating). This could be done over the course of the day 5-10 minutes at a time as long as it totaled out to 30 minutes.

My weight goal was 175 last time but I only made it from 270 to 230 before I called it good. it took me nearly two years to gain it back. This time I upped my goal to 150 lbs which means 110 lbs left to lose. If I apply my 5% rule to that it comes out to 5.5 lbs being my first weight loss goal. This seems less intimidating than saying I have 110 lbs to lose. I made my goal a little higher this time so that I work a little harder (hopefully I wont give up after 40 lbs, but its different this time because there isn't a wedding date as the "end of the diet copout.)

Wish me luck! any imput is appreciated. The closer I get to 50 the harder it is for me to motivate myself to "try, try again."

This time my motivation is that I just want to be able to get through a shift at work (I am an RN) without being in excruciating joint pain. I push my luck every day I sit at this weight (family history of diabetes and heart disease). So far other than the arthritis I am relatively healthy for my age and size. I just don't want to be sorry and end up pushing my luck one day to far! Thanks for listening, again.
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