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Monte- I try my best to think as positive as possible.

Vermont- I'm not the sole mower, I just enjoy the calorie burn. I'm a tom boy anyways. I'd rather mow the lawn than do laundry or the dishes! haha!

Today was really busy at work. Every now and then I hear an insensitive remark that is said to me... this one may come close to the number one most insensitive, though asking about my mother's day is hard to beat... Anyways, I have a picture of Isabelle on my clipboard at work. When I'm having a tough time, I have here sweet face to look at... She is beautiful to me though I know she has some things about her that may make others think otherwise. It isn't graphic in any way. Her lips are black and she has some minor bruising on the face. It's one of the best pictures of her and one of my favorites. Though her lips are black, I've come to utilize tht and call her my little emo baby.. It makes me laugh to think of that. She was the cutest emo baby ever! I'm rambling.. anyways someone who makes deliveries to us stuck his head over the desk and stared at it. Then he said something that just floored me.... He said, "That's a really weird looking baby.." and had a screwed up look on his face... I was shocked... that passed and I was able to choke out that it was my stillborn daughter. Pretty sure he felt pretty awkward after that. He tried to save face, but the damage was done. I know it wasn't intentional, but cmon who says any baby looks weird? Have some sense when it's most likely someone close to the person who has the picture...

So that was a bit of a day ruiner. The day was super busy on top of that.

I went to cycling class and again completed my goal to finish the class! Mission accomplished!
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