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Want2b- I definitely went through this stage. It is called phantom fat. Strategies from my clinic: stand in front of a mirror, close your eyes, put your hands out to what you believe is the size of your waist. Open your eyes. Were you correct? Also, make up a before and after picture, post it where you can see it often. Focus on the good parts of your body, not the problem areas. Accept compliments. Shut off negative self talk, turning it to positive self talk.

My motivation is here! But the 5 pounds, they are not budging! TOM, next week maybe.

Hawaii, it is reassuring to hear that you find maintenance doable. Do you follow the whole fat/ carb separation at lunch and dinner? Glad that you had fun camping!

Kooky, today is a better day! Glad that you are over the bump.

Luccilove, Hiker, Jig, Kawaii, Dlr, Sweetness, Jemma and Kelly- how are you doing today?
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