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Kooky: Glad you are feeling better today. I think having a phase off date will also keep you motivated to keep going, you now have an end of P1 goal. And mid July is less then 2 months away, time will fly by. Keep working hard.

Hawaii: Glad maintenance is going well for you. You are right about making the good choices most of the time, I think that will keep the weight off for most of us.

Anyone else notice a difference in their posture and how they walk? Lately I have noticed a difference, I now walk taller with more confidence, and more spring in my step. Kind of weird to suddenly notice these things about myself.
I was reading on the boards today about how people before they lost weight would just blend into the background and try to not get noticed, I can so relate to that. Now I don't care if people notice me or not, I am not trying to hide either, which is a strange thing to get used to. I know I am not at goal yet but I think I have a long ways to go to get my mind on seeing myself as a "normal" size women. Anyone else not seeing themselves as a normal size yet? Anyone read any books on this, have any advice or websites that may help?
Hope everyone is having a great OP day today and that the motivation returned! Stay strong Oct. newbies!
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