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Fleur - I'm glad that you are able to find comfort even in a hard circumstance. Sometime your point of view can make all the difference.

IBelieve - I wish I would exercise half as much as you do. You are doing awesome.

Holly - I wish you could take a little of our warmth...supposed to be almost 90 today. I love working in the yard for that reason too...I know some people like plant and garden for that reason, but for me it is like organizing my yard, and I love organizing. Your desserts sound delicious too...making cakes was one of the ways I kept myself together before I went on away a cake and getting all the compliments made me feel really good.

worth - Closet cleaning!! One of my favorite activities.

lilturtle - Sorry for your bad day. Image issues must be difficult.

Fiona - Congrats on the NSV. Have you considered doing something special with your t-shirts? Maybe they could be remade smaller, or made into a really cool throw?

seabiscuit - Allergies have been crazy this year...I've been taking benadryl almost everyday for weeks. I saw a joke somewhere that allergies are so bad this year that the meth dealers will be turning the meth back into sudafed.

floralshorts - I'm late, but welcome to the group!

Not been having a real good time lately. Not particuarliy bad days, just kind of blah and stupid. I can't even be bothered to find a tv show to watch. So I just wander around in Oblivion whacking orcs and bandits lol.

I have a tenant who is causing me problems again. She just won't pay her would be easier to deal with if she was obnoxious and mean, then I would just have her evicted. But she always has these stories that sound reasonable at first, and then spin out in to ridiculous series of lies. After 6 weeks of trying to get the rent from her I finally asked her if she really didn't have the money to just tell me and quit with the ridiculousness and she STILL insists that she has it and just can't connect with me. As if there wasn't a perfectly good system to get things to people without meeting them that only costs 50 cents. :eyeroll:

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