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I had a very good day yesterday, managed to keep calories lower than I have in several weeks, and all the food just kind of slid into place. I almost wrote "effortlessly" but it's not effortlessly, not by a long shot. I spent hours this weekend making soup, salad, veggie sides, meat etc so that I could be ready to just pull out what I needed, eat, and get out of the kitchen. The actual eating yesterday was pretty easy, but the organization and prep needed to get there are significant.

A few times I wanted to eat more out of habit than out of hunger. Managed to stop myself each time, which is also good progress.

SW : 187.4
CW : 187.4 (-0)
GW : 182.4

187.4 May 14
186.6 May 15
188.2 May 16
189.0 May 17
187.0 May 18
187.4 May 19
187.4 May 20
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