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HI!! I've been back since late Sat. but I've been so fried, I wanted to wait til I read through the days here

Fi thanks for the adorbs vid of the kittens! and congrats on that NSV. I am a firm believer in honoring fitness as something that helps us everyday in simple things, such as carrying groceries, having to clamor over something, or bouncing up after a fall..congrats on your victory! and your latest collage.

Worthy I am impressed with whatever your career is! and I'm glad you had that nice vacation day. Oh and congrats on your new wardrobe! all done because of your hard work through exercise and diet..and your work on weeding through the clothes. I haven't had a kitty in decades, but I do remember how they would love to commandeer things spread out on the bed

Amy Hi! glad the packing is going along. and best wishes on weight loss plan you choose. How is Snicker's eye?

Ohio - we haven't heard from you in a while! thinking of you!

Chelsea thinking of you too! I drive by a small farm with lots of goats, they are SO amusing!

Trish - sorry to hear you were (are) having a bad day. I hope you feel ALOT better.

Sabrina oh that co-worker sounds exasperating!! and that she didn't 'get it' even after you spoke to her, that she said she was trying to be sensivite? duh. I'm glad the one day retreat was good. And best wishes on landing a perfect job, when it presents itself. Did you get to mow your lawn yet? are you the sole mower?

Monte Cristo - Hi, I'm glad to hear your plantings have taken hold and you didn't have to water right away

IBelieve - HI girlfriend and yay on your walking and biking and everything! you plan your meals for the week? cook and freeze portions? that is what I've had good luck with..just sharing some ideas I want you to succeed!

floralshorts - Hi and !

So.. my long days were indeed long, I love being in the kitchen during the day, but the waitstaffing at night..I do not love, lol. Each night I would think 'oh thank GOODNESS this is almost over'. Just made for a long day. Then I would creep away to my little room (the front-of-the-house manager made sure I had a room away from most of the noise, very considerate) but the lodge was full of boisterous, re-united members and I found it so hard to fall asleep..we just get so used to our own beds/houses don't we! THen I would get up at 5:30 to start the coffee station and do it all over again.

But I hope I made alot of money (we are on an every 2 week pay period) and I got tons of compliments on my desserts, and people saying they were very glad I was there again for the summer, that is always nice

ALERT - descriptions of desserts to follow! First day - lunch dessert was a peanut butter cookie with a peanut butter filling; dinner dessert was the Lemon Bavarian cheesecake with a pink guava sauce; Thursday morning was blueberry muffins and cinnamon walnut coffeecake, lunch dessert was a chocolate crumb bar; Thursday night was pumpkin and mince pies; Friday morning lemon poppyseed muffins; lunch dessert apple spice cake with whipped cream cheese frosting; dinner dessert Chocolate Mousse cake with a chocolate drizzle..Sat. morning Morning Glory muffins; lunch lemon raspberry bars, dinner dessert French apple I'm making myself hungry!

I did have today off, and mowed the lawn (it was SO thick and high, I did have to rake afterwards) planted some annuals in pots; did laundry, and just LOVE seeing the lawn mowed all green and pretty and the flowers..I wish it was a little warmer because I still haven't been on my motorcycle much.

so I will talk to you tomorrow morning
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