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Sorry to be MIA again for so long. Had a bad week, but I'm back.

Welcome, Heather and Rose.

Debbie, so sorry to hear about your sister.

Heather, Personally, I rarely eat only a salad for dinner. I do try to eat a salad *with* dinner most days when I'm OP. I go low or no lettuce (not filling!) and heavy on the crunch (bell pepper, cucumber) and flavor (tomato, onion, and sometimes olives). I only add cheese, chicken, tuna, etc., if in fact this is going to be my whole meal (but more often that's a lunch thing, not dinner). A good crunchy salad with things I like in it makes it much easier to eat a small entree.

PS: In the interest of full disclosure I should say that since my plan is WW, if I make a salad with just veggies (no olives even) and use Kraft fat-free Italian dressing, such a salad is 0 points. That's one reason I add them to dinner on a regular basis. I realize that when calorie counting this might not seem like a great plan, but not having to count veggies makes me happy.

Judy, glad to see you've been stringing together good days.

Hello to all I missed!

Okay. Among other things I'm going to try not to go MIA again.

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