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A new year and a new me!
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Right .. little bit of a later start this morning so time for a catch up before I head out .. actually .. before I get dressed lol ..

SUNNY - Good on you for your loss this week .. isn't it nice to see a lower number before the point

UBEE - I am sooooo proud of your positive attitude about the weigh in this week Trust me that is the attitude that helps each week regardless of the outcome of it .. but Im sure you will do great How did your walk with hubby go?

FERRIS - On the plus side at least this weekend offered good weather .. hang on ... was it good down your way?? I have my MIL living next door lol .. so its something that used to definitely stress me, but now I find her comic value in the fact that she drives her son nuts which I find hilarious lol ... so good on you for getting back into it .. and Im the same as you .. I got back on the treadmill and couldn't comfortably do what I did the last time I was doing it regularly so its going to be a case of building it back up again so don't be too hard on yourself, its a life journey bud

LOST - I have been a member on here since 2006 and its taken me a while to finally start achieving goals only because I tended to loiter and not jump in lol .. for me its being accountable to others other than myself which helps to keep me on track .. not saying that I don't go on a flyer occasionally lol .. but I hope you will jump in and let us know more about yourself or your day .. but if not I hope you keep getting inspired and encouraged even if not directly hugs

EASILY - I have found myself looking up versions of foods that are in the US in case you don't have what Im talking about .. or checking that the name of the food is the same .. like zucchini/courgette, kiwi/zespri (thats the newest name which I think sucks lol), pepper/capsicum ... its so funny .. and I know when I was in Canada & LA that I was so intrigued when I went to the supermarkets at how many things I had never seen before .. and also how many processed foods there were .. I mean cheese in a can .. that just boggles my mind lol .. I think it was tried over here, but didn't go down well so haven't seen it for years lol. One thing that my hunny LOVES which we no longer have is Twinkies .. I have been trying to work out how to get some for him from the US, I had a friend that used to send me some over but unfortunately she has passed away So hunny has to miss out on them now.

So was a good weekend .. lots of work. I was supposed to have lunch cover yesterday so I could go and grab something for lunch .. but she messaged about 30 min before she was due to start saying she was too sick to come in so ended up working straight through .. fortunately it was a shorter day (10-430) so it wasn't too bad and then hunny picked me up and we went and grabbed a Pita Pit for dinner. Today is a no break day too (10-5), but I have grabbed a couple of bananas, a nut bar and a couple of bottles of water so that will be fine I did have a bad weekend though ... chocolate attacked me Sat AND Sun So definitely back on track .. thank goodness I changed my weigh in day from Monday to Friday lol .. AND I have my hours settled I think at work so I know when I am supposed to be having time off .. at the moment its Tues & Thurs so tomorrow I will be finally getting my blood test redone and having a good clean up at home .. then on Thursday Im driving up to my home town (about 2 hours away) to see my daughter and grandkids in their new home as well as dropping off some stuff and picking up other stuff lol ..

So its the start of a new week and Im just stunned at how quickly the weeks are going and already we are halfway through May .. shocker!!! Anyone else wondering where the weeks are going?? I don't think I remember going through Feb or was it March lol .. either way Im sure I missed a month somewhere

I was lying in bed this morning waiting for my alarm to go off and thinking about the weight loss .. felt my tummy and wondered how much the loose skin weighed lol ... weird the thoughts you go through on this journey lol ... I do remember hearing about another woman who lost a lot of weight and then she had surgery to remove the excess skin and it had weighed 8kg (I think thats about 16 pounds) .. so Im wondering if I reach my goal of 200 .. correction WHEN I reach my goal of 200 and start saving for the surgery if mine weighs about the same when removed will I be ok with being below 190 pounds or will I feel that is too low for me cos I have never even THOUGHT about going below 200 ... before I got pregnant (over 20 years ago lol) I had reached within about 10 pounds of the ideal for my height at the time (3 inches shorter than now) and I had bones sticking out everywhere and I hated it and my body ... I realised I like a little cushion .. just not as much as I allowed it to become of course ... and yet when I look at most of your main target goals they all see so darn low to me lol ... I have been told that the "ideal" weight is targeted at size 8 in NZ (I think that is about the same in the US) and I don't want to be ideal lol .. my friends who are in that bracket are forever sick catching flus and colds every winter and it takes them an age to get back on track and feeling healthy .. and they look like death warmed up most of the time when they are going through it and are exhausted for weeks cos they just don't have the backup on their bodies to help them get through it .. like if I get sick and I can't really eat for a few days then me losing 5-6 pounds isn't going to wipe me out cos I have so much to play with still .. but if they lose that much they are so weakened ..

Anyway .. enough of the babble .. almost 8am and its time I went and got dressed and started heading off to work .. I have to stop in my main store to pick up some things to take to the store I am working in today lol .. arggghh .. looking forward to tomorrow .. just want a day to relax at home when Im not exhausted already lol. Catch up later peeps


:Goal 1 - 300 pounds - reached 9.09.13 Goal 2 - 264.6 by 2/12/13 : reached 26.11.13
Goal 3 - 240 reached 23.05.14: Goal 4 - 220
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