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There are a lot of low carb diet plans available. Primarily, you eliminate sweets, bread, pasta, rice....the only carbs you get are from vegetables and some fruit. You need to drink a lot of water and get in some fiber. Different plans eliminate different foods. Some people can still eat these starchy carbs in small portions and still lose weight. You have to just find your nitch. I would suggest eliminating all starchy carbs to start out, for 2 weeks or so. You will probably get a pretty good weight loss from that. After than, you can add back small portions of starchy carbs to see if your body can handle them. When you reach the point where you're no longer losing then you know you have to cut back on carbs. To lose, I need to stay around 30-35 gm of carb per day. That's not very much!

I don't follow any particular plan, and that could be my problem. I just try not to eat any starchy carbs, but I can't stick to it 100%. But low carb is the only plan that allows me to lose any weight at all.

Good luck to you.

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