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I know of someone who uses an online swimwear place called Curvy Sea to get hers (I think it's based on Oz, but ships to NZ) and has had a lot of luck with swimwear from there.

Your meals sound good! What I've found is that it definitely has to be a lifestyle change, not a diet, so if you're eating and enjoying salads, that's amazing!

What date will be one month and one day from when you started this diet? I think you should write that date down somewhere, and come on here and make a post saying you made it past one month! Because we're all cheering for you, and we all want you to continue!

Personally I've found that I have to be careful with 'rewarding myself' because I'm so used to using food as a reward! So I've had to make up some new, non-food rewards, where I stick to my diet but I get a new lipstick or something. Works pretty well at the moment!

Calorie counting works pretty well for me, for the most part. I'm the sort of person who thinks 'I can have a small bag of chips, or I can have a huge piece of chicken and some salad' and rationalises that the chicken and salad is more filling and therefore more what I want. So it's a good system for me. I use MyNetDiary, but I'm thinking of getting MFP instead/as well since I've heard such good things!
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