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Good morning everyone.

Ali I'm so envious of you getting to go with your daughter on a field trip. I loved going to the capital when I was in school, and don't let the worry of the bus seat width ruin this. Focus on creating memories with your daughter that you can look back on and smile when she's left home. And I'm sure that you won't be the only person who might smidge over into the next seat a little. Sounds like you've got your food all thought out -- good for you! That 20 pounds is just around the corner!
Ubee I was always a good girl my entire life.....evidently eating like an ox was my form of rebellion! I do have a cut off time. My 8 hours are from noon to 8 PM. Unfortunately, I ate the "extra" during my window. I'm back on track mentally today. Just have to accept that I simply cannot have that stuff in the house.
[B]Dgramie[B] Good for sticking to it!

Cleaning house is on the agenda for today. That should work off a few calories since it looks like some windstorm went through here. Have a great day and weekend.

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