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Originally Posted by zephyr1973 View Post
Yesterday was a really good day, satiation-wise. I'm wondering if others have had the same experience with starting their day using 1 whole hard boiled egg and 2 hard boiled egg whites? I cannot tell you the difference I felt between that and having a Syntrax drink (not shake).

I'm experimenting this weekend with breakfast choices - today I did the ProtiDiet Maple Brown Sugar with a 1/2 cup boiling water and ate it with a fork - took longer, but I'd have swallowed it in three scoops of a spoon!

Anyone else trying to figure out what foods work best for the am? Any suggestions as to what you have found keeps you going until lunch?
My favorite IP "indulgence" breakfast, which I usually make on Sundays when I'm lazing about, is the crispy cereal pancakes recipe (made w/ lemon extract instead of vanilla...I think there is a nonrestricted alternative pancake out there) & WF blueberry syrup, one or two scrambled eggs if I'm really hungry, turnip hashbrowns and coffee. It's a lot of food and holds me over until late afternoon. Works for me since I tend to get up closer to lunch time on weekends, so I can fit in my veggies and just have a lower carb IP drink for my snack in the afternoon and ~4 oz protein left for dinner.

Weekdays I have a harder time varying it up just because of time constraints but I usually switch between the wildberry drink, a chocolate drink with a cup of spinach blended in (especially for days I know veggie intake will be challenging), and the apple cinnamon soy puffs (I use my 1 oz coffee milk allowance to eat this like cereal). These all hold me over until noon pretty well during the week. Not sure what the alternative equivalents are for those but maybe it'll give you some ideas!
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