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Default Meal Plan

I was just responding to a question regarding individual meal plans.
I belonged to OA for years and could never find a meal plan that I could stick to. Then I discovered OA HOW which has a regimented meal plan combined with working closely (daily) with a sponsor. I now realize that I needed someone to tell me what to eat and how much because I was an addict and couldn't do it for myself.

Meal plan is no flour of any kind, no sugar, no alcohol.. Amounts of what is eaten is weighed and measured.

It is absolutely amazing! It sounds difficult and is hard the first couple of weeks. But the result has been like coming out of a drug coma. The mental clarity is amazing. It is not the answer in and of itself of course. But it gives you the mental clarity to continue doing the work of the 12 step program to remove the mental blocks to God. Hope that helps. Thanks.
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