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Originally Posted by zephyr1973 View Post
Yesterday was a really good day, satiation-wise. I'm wondering if others have had the same experience with starting their day using 1 whole hard boiled egg and 2 hard boiled egg whites? I cannot tell you the difference I felt between that and having a Syntrax drink (not shake).

I'm experimenting this weekend with breakfast choices - today I did the ProtiDiet Maple Brown Sugar with a 1/2 cup boiling water and ate it with a fork - took longer, but I'd have swallowed it in three scoops of a spoon!

Anyone else trying to figure out what foods work best for the am? Any suggestions as to what you have found keeps you going until lunch?
I found hot foods worked better for me in the morning than cold for some reason. I heated up pudding mixes and added coffee a lot of mornings - came out very creamy and filling. I'd also add a hard boiled egg white mid-morning if I felt I really needed it.

Originally Posted by SylviesGirl View Post
I never monkeyed around with breakfasts, though I do know what you mean about them not feeling like enough many days. I have hot tea or coffee to get me through to lunch -- that and keeping very busy. Good luck with your experimentations and finding what works best for you.

I had a NSV, of sorts, yesterday. About 1:30pm, my precious, sweet little dog started having a seizure. I had never seen anything like that before. I ran out of the house with him -- later realizing that I left the front door wide open -- and rushed him to the vet. I thought he was dying. (Hours and many $$$ later, it seems as if he will be fine. No systemic reason for it, from what they can see. It may be epilepsy or it may have been a one-off, time will tell.) Anyway, when we got back home with him, my son tore into the graham crackers. Being a 13 y/o boy, I couldn't tell whether he was hungry or eating out of emotion. With his current metabolism, it doesn't much matter. I had the same urge -- stuff my face with carbs -- and that is the first time since starting IP that I had that sensation. I didn't. Instead, I went and made myself a huge mug of screaming hot (takes longer to drink that way) coffee with every "fake" addition I had in the house -- sweetener, a bit from my evening shake (for a creamer), sugarless syrup, WF chocolate sauce -- I made the thing into a real, but legal, treat . . . and it satisfied me. Not one extra calorie was taken in. This is a huge lifestyle change for me -- in the past, this would have warranted an entire bag of chips.
I really hope your dog is okay - that's scary! And good for you for not giving into emotional eating - that's a huge victory! Being able to identify why you want to eat is huge.

I have this mental picture that I sometimes pull out when things are really hard. Not long before starting IP my father died and the next year was very hard on me - I missed him a lot (still do). There were plenty of other major stressors going on in my life at the time. During one of my "blue" moods I remember sitting in the living room eating a huge bowl of ice cream and about half way through I just broke down crying. But I kept eating the ice cream. I look back now and have great sympathy for that woman who was so overwhelmed that she turned to comfort eating and when that didn't work, she kept eating anyway. I never want to go back to those habits again. I have found exercise, cleaning, etc. are much better ways to overcome my stress, sad times, mad times, etc. than trying to eat my feelings (which, by the way, never worked but I'm nothing if not stubborn!).

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