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A new year and a new me!
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UBEE - I tend to avoid the doc if I can help it lol .. other than the weigh in with the nurse Im not overly available for him rofl ... if he puts me on the waiting list it could be months .. I can get it done sooner if I go privately but that would cost an arm and a leg .. and while that would be great for weight loss .. not overly conductive .. I would rather they take the loose skin too lol .. then lift everything that is sagging .. heck if I am going under a knife might as well make it worthwhile hehehe.

BESTY - That aint a whoosh hunny .. that is an avalanche!! WOW .. well done Keep that up and you will be at goal in 3 weeks lol ... just so long as you are doing it healthy though

EASILY - I think we all have those roller coasters we travel on ... and I found that the daily weigh in for me did more damage than good so do it twice a week .. once in the middle is my guide to how I am going for the week .. I have changed my weigh in day to Fridays now (used to be Mondays .. which made the weekends so hard lol) .. so I have a check on Tuesday/Wednesday .. it does help me better that way .. but if you find inspiration in the daily then that is great that it works for you I must admit that all of you keep me focused really. If I didn't start these challenges then I may not do as well as I am .. I think its the "I don't want to let everyone down" thought process, I feel so guilty when I go up and have to let you all know lol .. but Im getting a little better about that.

STEPHANIE - Say Kia ora to your MIL for me and tell her she isn't missing anything weather-wise over here ... although yesterday and today were lovely and sunny lol .. the rest of the week has been blegh I hope you will be posting some wedding piccys?? I know its the second one .. but I will be reshooting in December for our first anniversary as I think its a great thing to add to your wedding album or memories And well done hun on your loss Great job

STARFISH - HI!!!! Nice to see you back hun and welcome back on board Looking forward to seeing you on the boards and hope you are well

Just a quick catch up peeps I had a good day at work today .. had a little late start which was nice .. hunny made me an interesting breakfast, raspberry jam roll and a heap of grapes with a coffee lol ... never let it be said he doesn't make interesting meals Was really busy at work and ended up closing 30 minutes late due to customers so got home late, but hunny had a lovely dinner waiting for me .. lots of vegetables (carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, courgette, brussels) and a little bit of shredded chicken (which I didn't end up eating much to the dogs joy lol) ... very full now

Going to relax with hunny for the night at watch a bit of TV .. maybe do a little cross stitch ... before heading off to bed cos I got to get up early for work lol ..

Have a great weekend everyone


:Goal 1 - 300 pounds - reached 9.09.13 Goal 2 - 264.6 by 2/12/13 : reached 26.11.13
Goal 3 - 240 reached 23.05.14: Goal 4 - 220
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