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Hi Everyone!
I have been away too long!
Katt those chocolate kisses sound so good. I don't have anything like that around here but I live in the boonies. Does the doctor know when he can yank that sucker out?
Wana I hope you are back on track because you are one of my main motivaters!
Easily good job on the loss!
Ferris glad to see you again. Keep coming here for support. With family around you may need more then you realize. (Sorry family can make me crazy/crazier!)
Watchout I think many of us in the 300+ club think 10 is skinny!
Ali I think you will be just fine on a charter bus. Those seats are big. At my heaviest I had to ride a school bus on those little benches. YIKES! You know what I survived and my daughter will always remember I was with her.
Stephanie hope your wedding is great!
Let me just say what everyone is thinking...Watchout you look amazing! Never hide from a camera again!
Everyone I am going to need your help. As some of you know I gained 12 pounds on the last challenge. If I have a week without a loss it is not OK! Let me have it! Thanks.
1st time around lost down to 248. Hunger and cravings came back with a vengeance.
Restart Dec. 2016 at 315, with Intermittent Fasting got down to 235 by mid August, 2017.
Restart again New Years 2018 at 263.
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