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starting over again
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S/C/G: start weight: 350 lbs

Height: 5'5"


Thanks everyone for the salad advice, I do need to figure out how to add some beans to my meals. The are full of good fiber and nutrients - so I am gonna make that my goal for next week!

I have to say I am impressed with how close everybody on this thread gets to perfect days - I am sooooooo far away from that, you guys miss it by just a thing or two, and then work it out the next day. For me, I am happy if I did like 60 percent of a daily goal (and those are pretty small goals with 1 built in cheat a day)

Do you guys get so frustrated at how long this takes? I am losing at a normal, healthy slow and steady pace - but 299 seems a million miles away. In my brain, I know that this took decades to put on and it wont take just months to take off - but man... I am hoping that eventually all these changes just seem like day to day normal behavior so that I can focus on other things and see how far I have come.
Remember: Somebody out there would wake up and cry with joy if they weighed what you weigh today. Don't let the numbers on the scale decide how you feel!

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