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PepperTown, how many diets have you ever tried before IP? I ask because some diets give the impression that quick weight loss is acceptable, even encouraged. Having tried South Beach, Atkins and WW's, I can tell you that in no way, shape or form, should you EVER be encouraged to drop weight as quickly as you are wanting.

Your body may look like an A-lister for a while, but maintaining that weight will be nothing short of a miracle! I doubt you are spending all this money to just fit into a size of your choice for one weekend! If you want to be successful on this diet, you will need to reframe your concept of weight loss: instead of "oh goody! I lost 70 pounds in only 2 months!", try thinking "Once I have reached my goal, I will be able to start eating habits that will keep the weight off, and I'll fit into the dress I bought for that one weekend for as long as I like!"

This cannot be a short-term, get the weight off quick sort of diet - it is not set up to work that way from my understanding. You phase thru the diet for a very specific reason: to reset your pancreas. Keep this in mind. Put this on your mirror. Even if you are not in danger of becoming diabetic (we all are, in reality), you MUST allow your pancreas to re-set in order to get to the maintenance phase - this should be called your LIFE-LONG EATING PHASE!

You will lose weight and you will look fabulous - but please be nice to your body and take it as it comes.
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