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Originally Posted by luckymommy View Post
OP's overall judgment seemed more based on teaching style and she did mention other attributes of the instructor. Was there judgement there? Probably. But anyone who says they don't judge is either a saint, is unaware they're doing it or is just in denial.

Had the class been awesome, I think she would have been delighted.

I mean all this with sincerity and good intentions, but I'm ready to get slammed.
Thank you for trying to see my point. I don't feel beaten into submission, submission is not something I succumb to -but nothing will turn my mood as quickly as being called a racist.

My OP might have been unclear - I did not start off the class judgmental. Someone who takes a class about something they don't know much about in a public space with the thought that they might be the youngest or most inexperienced one in the bunch is not someone who cares much about judgments, and although I was surprised by who the teacher was it did not deter me from participating and I gave no thought as to whether or not this would be a good class. I was there with the intention of having a great time. When that didn't happen I began to judge and question him and maybe some of that judgment fell on his appearance. A preconceived notion is not racism or ageism or sexism.

Whether or not you believe that tai chi is a fitness class I would suspect that anyone might expect that their instructor be knowledgeable, capable and fit. Can one be capable and fit to instruct a movement class while obese? I suppose so but should the class not meet expectations then your abilities will be called into question.

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