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I think weightloss buddies are so important for staying motivated! PM me if you want, and we can chat more, and egg each other on to do well!

This is quite a personal question, but do you mind me asking what size you wear? I only ask because Australia and NZ share a lot of shops in common, so I might be able to recommend somewhere to you. I actually swim in a tankini! Sounds crazy (even in my skinny days, I only ever wore a full swimsuit) but I find them really comfortable- I wear bikini shorts, so they cover a bit more of my thighs, and a tankini top that is ruched at the sides so is somewhat slimming.

I'm in Dunedin, which is about 4 or 5 hours south of Christchurch (which is a lovely city and you should totally visit your friend there!)

How are you enjoying the food on your plan? I don't think we have that in NZ, but I don't pay a lot of attention to meal plan type diets here. I'm calorie counting for myself, and apart from a blip in the last month (where I went completely off plan and put on about 2kg, and learnt my lesson) it's going well. Slowly but surely, which is better than not at all. Congrats on your 5kg loss! That's amazing! Go you!
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