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Originally Posted by jo4applerose View Post
Hello RUth Ann...IT WAS THE KALE CHIP ENTRY THAT THREW IT OFF. AHHHH I just took info from MFP this was from my second day on the diet I wanted to see a rough idea what the nutrients were so used it for estimations. This is for regular carbs not net. Also, I think they figured the kale chips too high it came to 15 grams of carbs for two baked cups. I'll never have these again. LoL The calories for the day were 926.


IP omelet 8 carbs
1 T Trader Joes Salsa 1 carb (bottle says 0)
1mug black coffee


IP leek soup 3 carbs
1c mushrooms 2 carbs
1 bell pepper 4 carbs
3c butter lettuce 3 carbs
2t olive oil no carbs


(Seasoned taco meat to fill romaine leaves)
7 oz 97% ground beef 0 carb
2c baked kale chips 15 carbs ??
3c romaine 4 carbs
1T WF salad dressing o carb
2 T chopped tomato 2 carbs
2 T chopped read onion 4 carbs
Fresh cilantro
Chili and cumin powder
Salt and pepper


Chocolate Puffs 11 carbs

I don't think I had that many kale chips but I had to come up with a number so MFP would calculate it. I am glad you had me go take a peek again because MFP isnt always exact I think these numbers are off and they are not the net carbs.
I think you need to measure the kale raw - before you make it into chips. I think that's where your carbs are coming from (I see below you figured that out too!).

Veggies should always be measured raw.

But that certainly explains why your carbs are higher than average! Good job!

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