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Originally Posted by luckymommy View Post
OP was just being honest about some feelings she was having and I appreciate the candor. It's ok to post about feeling disappointment in a class, even if it was free. We're all here to express ourselves and if we keep things to ourselves, this place would be a lot less active. Just my 2 cents.
Yep, and we all also are just being equally as honest and open about the thoughts and feelings we are having in response to OP's thoughts as reflected in her posts.

And while I appreciate the candor of expressing ideas and behavior, even racist, agist, sexist, and classist ideas and behavior, I will tend to point them out as such when I see them, especially when they come from someone who expresses a goal of "trying not to judge." Such a person, I would expect, would appreciate observations that might make reserving judgement easier in the future.

I suspected from op's original post that the main problem with this teacher was his appearance, I just didn't expect her to confirm it by referencing blatant ethnic stereotyping. "... old, Chinese, safe man who moved brilliantly and talked little." Really!?

That's television Tai Chi, not real life, free-in-the-park tai chi.

If you're expecting the ethnic stereotype of the elderly, totally silent, perfectly graceful, male Chinese tai chi instructor, anything else is going to disappoint. And assuming that a fat, talkative, "biker-type" is unfit and "unsafe" isn't going to make the situation any easier.

It's natural to make these false and stereotypical judgements without thinking about it, and so I think discussing these influences is helpful. Even discussing the possibility of unconscious stereotyping.
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