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Originally Posted by Wannabeskinny View Post
Maybe I was expecting an older Chinese safe man who moved brilliantly and talked little. Tai chi doesn't need that much talking really. Or at least talk while allowing us to move and not just stand there at attention listening to stories.

How did her prevent you from moving around while he talked?

"older...chinese... safe..."

Ironic word choices for someone "trying not to judge."

It sounds like you were too hung up on his "biker" appearance to get anything from the class.

I get the perception of big, burly, bearded, "biker-types" as being unsafe. I had those same prejudices when I met my husband. If I hadn't gotten to know him by email and phone before meeting him in person, I probably would never have given him a chance, and I would have missed out on an amazing marriage, with an amazing, articulate, intelligent, cultured, sensitive, gentle soul, who happens to be a classically trained chef, who knows more about women's fashions, classic movies and literarure, and astrophysics than anyone I've ever met, and also happens to look like a grizzled, intimidating, "dangerous" biker (if you believe the tv-movie stereotype).

Since falling for my husband, I've met a lot of "dangerous-looking biker-types." Not one of them has been "unsafe."

My brother has even become an actual biker after his navy-retirement, and now looks the part. 99% of men whose appearance fit the stereotype, do not fit the stereotype in any other way.

The "bad" biker types call themselves 1%-ers for the reason that 99% of the "biker-types" are completely ordinary in every way except their appearance.

It sounds like you fell for the movie-version of tai chi. You were expecting Pat Morita, and got fat, biker dude.

As Arctic Mama pointed out, you get what you pay for, and if you need an old, chinese, "safe" (whatever that means, how is a tai chi instructor in a public place, "unsafe"), male to enjoy a class, you need to seek that out.
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