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I don't doubt that others in the class enjoyed it and got something out of it. It's not mandatory that I remain in the class, I just found it disappointing. I may be overweight but I consider myself a kinetic learner, I grew up as a folk dancer and can learn quite complicated choreographed sequences which is why tai chi appealed to me in the first place. It's nice to offer free community classes in the park but it was not a good fit for me. All judgements aside.

I have taken numerous classes and I've never felt that my instructors were so fit that I couldn't relate to them. Some had great bodies and others were quite normal looking, but it's the spirit of a teacher that draws me in. Looks doesn't have much to do with it, I just need something to aspire to. Maybe I was expecting an older Chinese safe man who moved brilliantly and talked little. Tai chi doesn't need that much talking really. Or at least talk while allowing us to move and not just stand there at attention listening to stories.

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