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Originally Posted by zephyr1973 View Post
Today is Day 4 of my reboot.

I just had a glass half filled with decaf and half filled with a Syntrax Nectar sample - chocolate truffle. I also added a few cubes of ice and an ounce of skim. It was tasty, but not as thick as I would prefer. I'm trying to get up the nerve to try the spinach shake I've read about here - anyone have any tips/suggestions?

Today will be a good day. I will stay 100% OP because anything less is just cheating myself out of the promise of a healthy body that I don't want to hide with big clothes. I found some older pictures of me from this time last year, and I was horrified as to how big I was. And it wasn't even at my worst.

My worst (and the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back) was in July last year: My son turned six at the end of July, and to celebrate, I met family at our lake house in VA. My son asked me to get in the water with him, and I was not going to deny his wish - he has no idea about my body issues, and I didn't want to disappoint him. I was wearing a bathing suit in a size 16 - the largest size I ever bought or wore. Getting IN the lake was easy. I just climbed DOWN the stairs off the dock. We had a lovely time swimming and playing. When it came time to get out, however, I thought I was going to need someone to litteraly pull me up - I was so fat, I couldn't put my foot on the first step to begin my ascent! I was mortified. I felt the full impact of my weight that day. And that was the day I decided I HAD to lose weight. Now, mind you, I was supposed to lose weight due to a physical condition that could cause me to lose my eyesight if I didn't slim down, but I was "too busy" to deal with the complications of a diet (my prior experience being WW). But, that day at the lake, feeling like I belonged in a New Yorker magazine cartoon, THAT was my tipping point.

I'm not sure why I was compelled to share that this morning, but my apologies if this was the wrong place to share it.
Hey Re Boot Buddy! I started up again on Monday and I Feel AWESOME. I have more energy and focus. I did step on the scale this morning and I am down but it was my birthday suit weight so it will be different than the clinics scale. I think they'd get upset if I did my WI naked!

I just bought some spinach to use in shakes. I have tried it a few ways but like it with a shake packet of RTD GNC go lean shake. If you blend it well, and don't put in too much, which I tend to do. It tastes good and does not have much texture. I have a little GNC blender, kinda a knock off of the Magic Bullet, that I use here at work. The one I had at home died on me. It is also fun to mix shake mixes in with ice, it is more filling because it adds volume and it feels like an ice cream treat.

Three years ago at Boy Scout summer camp I was doing my day one swim test. I jumped in and did my thing no problem. As I was climbing out I pulled the freaking ladder right out of the dock and was smacked in the face by it. That was very embarrassing. I was at least 470 then.

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