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themilesawaygirl-Great job being honest with yourself I had to buckle down and be honest with myself this past week when it comes to the weekends. I really have to be more accountable, no one is forcing me to pig out on the weekends! For my new rewards system, I'm going to get a little reward every sunday night after keeping my nutrition goal for the week and not going crazy on the weekend! Just little stuff I might want/need like flowers, or makeup. I realized that doing a goal for 5 weeks is a long time and I really need an incentive to keep me going each week I love to exercise and I'm lucky that in the summer I have time, I wish I could hike more though! I can't wait till June when my summer class is over so I can start my real training for my backpacking trip in July.
Have you tried a reward system before? Or some kind of incentive system?

Rie-I'm glad you've found a new hobby, I've always been fascinated by scrap books and I wish I had the patience to make them You can totally reach below 150 in 7 months! I'm so glad you're really getting excited about getting married, that's so sweet that your parents will come! Have you found any type of style of dress you might want to wear? You should post some dress idea pics! Good job getting back on track with the calorie counting. I've been doing a little better lately too. Are you on myfitnesspal? I love your new blog, but I love all your blogs You're such a witty writer, I especially liked the hippotohot blog because your humor really came out. Can I say though that you look really good in your photos on the blog!!!! You have such a cute figure, I'm jealous of your proportions Congrats on the loss My summer class is childhood music education. I didn't realize it was only going to be classroom teaching though I've had my own piano studio for 6 years and have taken teaching classes before, but this one is AWFUL and all we do is sing songs. Its a ton of work and there's a lot of pressure. I'm not a strong singer, and the teacher is definitely grading us on our singing abilities too and that's really annoying especially since its not supposed to be a singing class but a teaching class. The other day I lost my voice from singing children's songs for 3 hours and it was hard for me to teach my own lessons! That math teacher sounds awful! I'm sorry you had to go through that Lol its not a desert iguana but a chuckwalla. They're really big fat lizards and I think they look like dinosaurs. Regarding your mother-that's rough when you're young and don't have boundaries set for you with eating, I know your mom meant well but that is frustrating because its teaching you to crave a certain amount and certain kinds of food from a young age :/ Me and my mom are completely different personalities. She has her own issues too though and has a tendency to project so that's mainly why we fight, although I TRY not to give into fighting with her. I'm not sure what my first reward will be! I really need a new bra though....I MIGHT splurge on that since I only have 2 bras that fit and have to wear these little cutlet things to fill my old ones up lol

So this week has been strange because I'm just dropping weight like crazy and I'm not sure what's going on? I know, terrible problem to have But it is VERY odd because I've upped my calories and I stalled for 2 months before eating much less. Really unsure. I think it might be the stress from this class because since starting it I've lost 3lbs in two weeks, when I normally might lose 2lbs in one month. Very odd. I am up to 60lbs lost though and less then half a lb away from the 130s so that's exciting

As I lose weight though I've become more unhappy with my body shape and my boobs. I'm not sure what my measurements were when I started but I remember at around 175 I was 42-30-42 and loved my shape! As I've lost though I've lost my hourglass-ness and am getting more of a banana shape The first to go was my chest and I was ok with being more of a pear but now I've only been losing inches off my butt and hips! So now my chest and hips match again but my waist isn't shrinking. Its probably silly but I feel less sexy now(especially from the boob shrinkage). Its ironic because I'm finally ok with my weight and now I've found something else to stress about How has your guys shapes changed as you've lost? Have they changed? How do you feel about it?

I'm going to LA this weekend to see my bf and am super excited to get away. The weekend after we're taking a little trip and I'm really excited for that too
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