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I know I know, I'm probably just adding the obesity when it's not needed... it's just there were so many reasons not to take him seriously. Had the class been amazing then I would have felt pride for him and said to myself "see? size doesn't mean that one can't be fit!" but the combination of the boring class, the lectures, the not allowing us to do anything made me thing that maybe this guy is just bored and wants to hear himself talk. Can't honestly say I got anything out of the class eventhough I really wanted to. I won't be going back because life is too short and I don't want to be a negative presence in his class if I'm starting to feel frustrated.

I have no doubt that he deeply and truly loves tai chi and is possibly even a master of it. His class however did a disservice to spreading the word about tai chi because he took advantage of the opportunity to make it about himself.

Not to mention that he made a lot of derogatory remarks about himself, it pointed to obvious insecurities which I don't fault anyone for really, we all have them. But to say stuff like "if I do this move wrong just ignore me ok?" or "you guys are better, smarter and stronger than me, you'll have mastered it in no time" took even more away from his credibility imo.

Brunch was fab!

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