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Added incentive today was that I must have been doing a bit more right than I though because, according to the scale at WW, I lost 3.4 lbs over the last 2 weeks. I ate a lot of junk but tried to temper it with good choices here and there. Still can't totally figure it out but it's got me tracking again and thinking about what I'm considering putting in my mouth.

lostbutstilltrying: Salads can be tricky as a meal. To get that full feeling you need protein. Maybe next time add some low fat cheese, or meat, or beans. I can't get beans down but they are a great protein source if you like them. POP = Perfectly On Program (or Plan).

Deb: Good job with that hoe!

Time to close up the house it's gonna be a hot one today then heavy rain and a big temp drop tomorrow.
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