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As for me, I just barely met my challenge of staying under 120 - this is my third day of weighing in at 119, aack. Not sure why, maybe my sodium intake has caught up to me, or my exercise has just not been enough, or the little extra nibbles here and there are finally making a difference. I'm going to make a few tweaks. One is incorporating green tea into my daily life; it has so many health benefits and I really ought to take advantage of that. The second is I'm not going to log into MFP with my food all the time like I have been the past three months - it's become kind of a crutch and I think I need to rely on my own food cues more, like I did throughout the losing portion of this journey.

I love this group we have here - we've been virtually hanging out together for a good 6 months or so. It seems like we might be a bit fatigued right now - do you chicks want to take a short break and just have a chat and/or accountability thread? Or does anybody want to start another challenge? Either way is fine by me!

Off to go dance like a chicken now!

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