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Today is day 10 of Optifast 70. Yesterday I had my first weigh in at my clinic, and I've officially lost 13 pounds (245.8 to 232.8). I figured the weigh in at the clinic wouldn't be the same as at home, since I weighed in there in the evening, had consumed shakes all day, and had clothes on of course.

I've also begun to drink one gallon of water per day, since I didn't put much effort into water consumption during my first week.

I woke up this morning and weighed myself, and weighed in at 228.4! Hello 220s! This brings my total weight loss so far to 17.4 pounds.

My food cravings aren't too bad, but sometimes I do really wish I could have some ravioli or some cereal. I usually try to busy myself with something else when I have these cravings; looking at cute dresses to buy when I'm skinny usually works.

On Monday I am going back to work after being off for a year on leave. I am really excited to go back, surprisingly, and I think work will help distract me from wanting food at different points during the day. My only concern is coworkers noticing I never eat food. My mom told me that if they question it, to just tell them that I am on Optifast, but I just don't think it's anyone's business at work what I'm putting in my mouth. Plus, if someone has never heard of Optifast before, the idea of it sounds pretty insane. I'm hoping no one will notice.

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