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mille56, yay for taking some positive steps to reclaim your home now that DS and granddaughter have moved out!

I'm on the way to Denver to take the pup for his cardiologist appt. It's overdue so credit for making the call yesterday and avoiding additional procrastination.

I have had a few "moments". One was sitting in my "other" home while DH was disconnecting the sprinkler systems. It was a 240 mile RT for a 10 minute disconnect to avoid $$ damage. I just sat on the couch (wished I could stay) but noticed that it felt good to just sit without any visible "issues" which needed to be addressed. Credit for continued progress.

I had a "moment" of frustration this morning. I've known that I'm missing a small notebook which has scads of pages of my own "secret notes"....many encoded PW's for accounts, but other tidbits of information like parts replacement numbers for items we own, model number of the composting toilet in Alaska.....just stuff that's replaceable but is also VERY CONVENIENT to have in one place. This morning I decided it was time to find it. I surmised one of two things:
1. I stashed it when I was headed to work and found out at the last minute that the granddaughter was coming
2. I stashed it when we were headed out the door to the airport to go to California.
Well I looked for it for an hour....
In the meantime I found:
~a pair of reading glasses under the bed missing for a month
~my destressing eye pillow, which had slid between the mattress and headboard
~a bag of vegan popcorn I had hidden from DH (LOL)(He will eat whatever he can find so I hide my "diet" food)
~a part needing to be returned to HomeDepot
~a sail cloth which I purchased last year that would look nice in my yard this Summer.

Finally....I found where I had tucked it and I need to evaluate making a duplicate so I don't have to go to time wasting processes to retrieve info if I lose it again. Anyway, did my 3 Essentials and am headed out the door.

PS glad I found that "destressing" eye pillow. I think I will use it when I get home. lol
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