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Hi everyone!

Mindy~ Hurray for babies!!!! I hope you get feeling better soon.

Diana~your D is great!!!

MM~I'm glad you got to see your boy on mothers day!

Kris~enjoy your Vacation!

Carma~How are you doing??

I don't understand why my weight is still going up!!! I'm going to give up on the gluten free and head back to no whites at night and calorie counting. I know its not my official weigh day, and I know why I have that official day, but I am up 3 pounds from my last w/I that is almost 10 pounds from march. Maybe it is just stupid hormones making me retain a bunch of water but I am frustrated with myself today. I know that I have skipped a couple of workouts (Sunday and Monday, well Monday was short because of my leg). But I haven't eaten three pounds up bad. Okay rant should be done. I am sorry. I know what to do about it. I just need to do it!

W flush my body with lemon cucumber water (delicious) get in at least 100 oz!
E run. push through the tenderness. I want to do 4 miles today.
E starting off giving myself 1700 cals until I figure out what I want. No whites.
D Give myself a break. Control what I can~The food I eat, and my workouts.

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