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Hi everyone! Hope you don't mind me jumping in for the challenge!


Week 01 - MAY 05 - MAY 11: 258 (START)
Week 02 - MAY 12 - MAY 18:
Week 03 - MAY 19 - MAY 25:
Week 04 - MAY 26 - JUN 01:
Week 05 - JUN 02 - JUN 08:
Week 06 - JUN 09 - JUN 15:
Week 07 - JUN 16 - JUN 22:
Week 08 - JUN 23 - JUN 29:
Week 09 - JUN 30 - JUL 06:
Week 10 - JUL 07 - JUL 13:
Week 11 - JUL 14 - JUL 20:
Week 12 - JUL 21 - JUL 27:
Week 13 - JUL 28 - AUG 03:
Week 14 - AUG 04 - AUG 10:
Week 15 - AUG 11 - AUG 17:
Week 16 - AUG 18 - AUG 24:

I've been MIA for more than a month now, and not only am I sad that I didn't meet my NY challenge goal, I'm even more sad that I missed the camaraderie of all of you! So I was really happy when I logged on today for the first time in ages and saw this challenge!

I've had a weird month or so- my flatmates sister came to visit, which lead to some unhealthy eating (we went on holiday, I told myself not to stress about food and just enjoy myself, but for various reasons not always in my control, wasn't as active as I'd have liked), and then my parents moved from the other side of the world and are living with me until they find a house here, so I'm a bit more stressed than I'd like, and some old ED thoughts have sprung into my head recently so I'm trying my best to let the past go and only look ahead.

My goal is probably a bit unrealistic given the timing, but it's an important goal to me- once I hit 220 I can start taking horse riding lessons, and I want to do that in the spring, so end of August is a perfect goal for me to have.

Ubee, you asked somewhere up thread about always being overweight. For me, my mum's side of the family, who I take after, aren't the naturally skinniest, but not hugely overweight. But as a child I was a bit chubbier than some of my classmates and got bullied because of it. I also developed quite early so that didn't help either. But then I lost a lot of the puppyfat and got very active in sports and was, looking back, at an incredibly healthy weight. Of course, I thought I was huge. And in the end I started starving and binging and developed an ED. When I was 17 we moved and I stopped exercising and starving, and carried on binging and I more than doubled my body weight. My end goal is 158lbs. I chose that because I remember being about 14/15 in PE class, being weighed by the teacher, and other girls laughing at how heavy I was, which was what triggered the start of the ED (I didn't weigh myself for years after that, but I must have lost about 20lbs between then and when I started putting on weight). I want to prove to myself that it was a normal weight and not something I should have been ashamed about.
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