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good evening ladies!

Worthy - I like that! very glad the sun came out for you to enjoy for a walk. I've not had the procedure you've got to do..but heard the required fluids are ugh. best wishes for that!! and enjoy the lower number on the scale tomorrow morning.

Amy/Seabiscuit - glad it cooled off for you. We're waiting for it to warm up, lol. I'm sorry to hear about Snick's eye infection, best wishes for that. I read about your queries on the lap band on the other thread, big decision. I don't know what to say except I hope you find an answer that is good for you. and congrats on SO many volunteering hours!

Fi - really sorry that you had to suffer a day of depression pain..ugh. Very nice your guy could physically comfort you to fall asleep. Yes, weaning off the med sounds more do-able than a strict 50 percent cut.

lilturtle - - really sorry things are the way they are with your mother hand in there!

Fleur - I was thinking of you on Sunday! Was it last weekend you went to a retreat? Hey that co-worker was an insensitve lunk for asking about your Mother's Day. I hope the phone interview progresses to an actual one

Monte Cristo - I smiled so much at your comment of your grandmother who adores you! as she should! that is how grandmothers should be!! real sorry about your mom's actions, she is being so disrespectful to you and that is so not right. On a total unrelated topic, are your garden plants 'taking hold' well?

Hi to Ohio - are you okay??
Hi to Kathleen!
Hi to Chelsea
Hi to projectjudi
and 1life2liv, and Hope!

I will be staying at my work overnight for the next 3 nights, through Saturday. I'll be working in the kitchen during the days, and working in the Dining Room at night, at it is 23 miles away, so it just makes sense. And it makes money for me Oh! this is what I made today...100 servings of Lemon Bavarian Cheesecake (layer of lemon cake; layer of bavarian cream; thin layer of tangy lemon curd on top) 60 servings of peanut butter oatmeal cookies with a peanut butter filling; 65 onion rolls for sandwiches tomorrow. Hope that doesn't drive anyone crazy

Oh and Internet is very spotty there (it's deep in the woods) so I might be out of touch during that time.
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