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Lilturtle: I am very sorry to learn that your vacation has not turned out to be a happy one. At least you have your answer about whether or not to move. You can put that concern out of your mind. In the meantime, do what you can to get some exercise and sunshine as it might help your mood. You can also do what I do when I'm swimming laps all by myself. I talk to the ladies here in my head.

MonteCristo: Sorry that you had a difficult Mother's Day. At least you had a nice visit with your grandmother.

Fleur: I'm glad to hear that your husband's surgery went smoothly and that he's healing. Good luck with the phone interview. Keeping my fingers crossed that it goes really well for you.

Seabiscuit: I think it's wonderful that you've earned that much time volunteering. I'm sure they value your contribution very much.

Our local hospital has quite a significant bariatric surgery program. I sat in on a number of sessions to learn about the procedure and listen to patients who had the procedure done. The loudest message I took away was that if you don't have control over your mental and emotional relationship to food, the tool of bariatric surgery won't work in the long run. That's why I decided to give the medically supervised dietary program a shot first. It is giving me time to deal with my dysfunctional relationship with food. If I'm unable to maintain my weight loss following this program, I'll probably reconsider having surgery for a sleeve gastrectomy.

Fiona: I'm glad you figured out the cause of the decline in your mood. Cutting medication by 50% for the first taper does seem pretty aggressive. I hope your doctor is willing to work with you to go slower next time.

I've been giving your request for a name a lot of consideration. I spent a lot of time coming up with my screen name and like it because it took me a long time to come to the conclusion that I am, indeed, worth the effort to take care of myself and my health. In keeping with that theme, I've decided on the name Amanda, if it would please you to have a first name for me. I settled on Amanda because it means "worthy of love." I am still working on learning that I am worthy of loving myself and worthy of receiving love from others. But I'll answer to Worthy, too.

Having the sun come out for the last couple of days has helped my mood a little. I was even able to get outside for a walk at lunch time today. Tonight, I'm prepping for a colonoscopy tomorrow. As some of you may already know, it isn't much fun. I probably won't get much sleep tonight but I'm hoping that I can sleep most of tomorrow, once the procedure is over.

Oh, and I'm totally weighing myself when I get out of bed in the morning to seek how much I've lost through the, um, elimination process.

Blessings be on everyone.
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