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Oooh it has been a few days hasn't it Dott!. Thanks for the reminder.

Rie Awesome plan! I think it's a great idea to start with fewer workouts and then gradually add more into your week. What kind of strength training are you doing?

You know, I think there's a lot to be said for having a clean living space and work area etc but I am SO BAD at cleaning and tidying. It takes me hours to try and clean one room, but I end up just moving everything around.

Amazing news about getting married! Congratulations! I'd say definitely try to think of the ceremony as the important bit - the rest is just a formality. I know people who have had joining ceremonies etc which were the exciting part, but at some point or other they had to pop down the registry office to make it "official". It might not be exactly how you planned, but if it lets you carry on living your life in the country you want to live in with the person you want to be with then brilliant!

With the water thing - I do have a glass of water with every meal, and one when I wake up, and one by my bed. But often that's only 5 glasses a day, which isn't quite enough. I set the challenge as 2litres because a) that's the minimum I want to be drinking each day and b) it's easier for me to do volume as sometimes I have a 1.5l bottle at training, and there would be no point in only counting that as 1 glass! I'll get there, it's just a case of remembering to fit in those extra couple of glasses in between meals.

Kailpea Good on you for coming back! That's what matters and it sounds like you've got a good mindset going of letting go of the past, accepting it wasn't quite what you intended and moving forward. I need to work on this kind of attitude! Sorry to hear about your husband, I'm glad you managed to cheer him up and that he's got you to talk to and support him. If you think starting a different blog will be helpful, go for it! Times change and your needs will change too. I'm sure if you talk to your husband and explain that it really helps you in your weightloss journey, but you don't want him to feel pressure to write in a joint blog if his priorities are elsewhere at the moment. I'm going to update MFP tonight, I've not done it even though I said I would!

Dott I'm here I'm here! I'm not changing my goal just yet because I think they're achievable, I'm just not really trying if I'm totally honest with myself. But I'm on target for this week, and intend to nail phase 1 of nutrition and phase 2 of my exercise goals so I can finally move on!!

What's your new rewards system? Your exercise dedication is amazing! I'm jealous of your hiking pics, those views look awesome. (I'm quite jealous of your genes too, you are absolutely stunning!) That's a lovely pic of you and your man. I feel the same with my food goals, sometimes it's a struggle even though it seems like it shouldn't be. I think it's a case of just tweaking a few things until it works.

Hope everyone's having a great week. xx
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