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Thanks to all for the kudos on weight loss!

Welcome to Gurl (and anyone else I may have missed).

I'm on my tablet which is not very easy to use or type! lol So sometimes my replies aren't very long or I miss things others have said , I'll get the hang of it soon I'm sure.

Congrats to everyone on their weight loss!

Betsy - as far as genes--- my mom, dad, and brother are all overweight, all over 300 lbs. My dad actually passed away 8 years ago this month from a heart attack. That's when I got my first wake up call and lost a bunch of weight. But then put on the happy weight when I got married lol

For the rest of my family it's hit and miss -- my mom's sister and kids were always skinny, but now that they are older, my aunt is heavy and so is one of the cousins, but not 300lbs. My mom's dad was very thin, her mom fought her weight (my grandma) and is a little heavy but not more than 250.

My dad's side - his mother was very large, over 400 - one sister over 400 and at times over 500. My dad was between 350 -450, his other sister very thin until she got older, now she stays around 250. Her kids are fairly thin.

My husband is a big guy - he weighed in when we started this at just over 500. His family is not very big. Our wake up call, well mine, was like I've shared worrying about not being able to fit in the charter bus seats - but also seeing my daughter put on weight. She had always been thin, her bilogical dad and his family are very thin --- but she started putting on weight and I knew it was because of how I was feeding her. I said no more, it's not fair to her and I'm not putting her through that b/c I can't control myself.

Hubby came around on his own too b/c he's tired of livnig his life in a chair.

My daughter has even lost 4lbs in the last month and a half - she only needed to loose about 10lbs total (we started making changes even before we started Atkins - hubby and I had lost a little bit, but started seeing more consisten and better weight loss since we started Atkins 2 weeks ago).

Which side note --- I'm seriously worried about this trip I have coming up. It's Monday the 19th.

Have any of you been on a charter bus any time recently?? Any ideas on what the seat size is for them?
It's my daughter's class trip and I'm so scared I'm not going to fit in the seat which will be a huge embarssment, not even so much for me, but I don't want kids giving her a hard time b/c her mom is too fat to fit in a bus seat.
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