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Hi Everyone!

Sorry to drop off the map...I don't get on the internet much at home, and I've been really busy when I'm at work.

Mother's Day was hard. I've mentioned before how my mom never contacts me unless she wants something? Well, she posted on FB (which we are friends on, so she knows I saw it) that Mother's Day is so hard and lonely for her. Well, maybe she should make some effort to maintain a relationship with her kids. As she lives 12 hours away, when she comes to pick up the kids for summer or xmas vacation she always stays with me, and I'm expecting a call any day now about when she is coming for summer...a mean part of me wants to go out of town the days she will be here so she is forced to make other arrangements and can't just keep taking me for granted. The way over communicator part of me wants to write her a huge letter explaining how much it hurts that she treats me this way. And the lazy part wants to just pretend nothing is happening. Unfortunately lazy usually wins.

On a good note, I did get to visit my (maternal) grandmother, and she adores me and thinks I'm the most wonderful person in the word next to my dad.
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