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Originally Posted by Kat360 View Post
Day 3 and I am finding that the powders I have to mix I don't care for much... But the ready made drinks are awesome as far as protein drinks go... Can't wait to go get a double shot of espresso today over ice and then add my ready made vanilla !! DO YOU VETERANS find that the extra caffeine hinders you weight loss??
Originally Posted by LakeLover View Post
I'm not an expert, and I don't drink coffee, but I do drink one, sometimes two, large unsweetened iced teas with Truvia and it has not hindered my weight loss. OTHER things have (going OP for some mental health, now back on) but the tea hasn't. Congratulations for beginning your wonderful journey!

I, like LakeLover, am not an expert. That being said, I have been very happy with my weight loss so far, and I drink something caffeinated every day. Just remember to drink extra water cup-for-cup in addition to your regular daily water intake, and remember to watch what you put in your coffee! Sweetener packets add carbs! I stick to liquid stevia (comes in favors!) and liquid generic sucralose (Splenda). Both have no hidden carby fillers.

I'm drinking my breakfast right now! Cold espresso over ice with a vanilla rtd, with a few drops of English Toffee liquid stevia. Ahh-mazing!

Lost 1lb after an entire month on WW. Started Ideal Protein 4/19/14.

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