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A new year and a new me!
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BETSY - Thanks for the insight … I felt the same about the under 300 being a milestone … then it was under 250 … now Im like 220 will be a big milestone … when I look back at where I started I am stunned I did it really cos Im sure I had a lot of doubt when it seemed so far away! Keep up the great work

ALI - Thanks for sharing your story too I don’t think I was ever 180 pounds lol .. ok .. maybe when I was little .. but in college I was a big girl too … 200 has been I think the lowest that I can remember being and I felt like a walking coat hanger cos I had bones sticking out everywhere and I really didn’t like it … sorry about the bad partner for you too … seems to be a theme with a lot of us I think (twice engaged and a few other bad relationships) … but I got to my highest when I was in my happy relationship with my new hubby lol .. so I suppose its always an issue in different ways
WELL DONE on your loss this week too .. great job!

EASILY - Thanks for sharing that chart .. its really interesting .. I really should get a pedometer especially for my job which Im on my feet moving things all day lol .. would be interesting to see how far I do actually walk Would be good when I finally get back on the treadmill too And as a Kiwi born and bred I may be biased .. but yes NZ is beautiful lol .. I love baking and rarely eat anything I bake .. that is what work and family and friends are for lol .. they are my guinea pigs for trialling out my new recipes for my cookbook … its a revamp of my original one, but I am going through all of them and cutting the fat, flour, dairy etc where I can to make them healthier and putting the calorie values etc with each recipe too Wont have as many recipes in this time cos really some just can’t be changed lol.

GURL - Welcome back hun, glad you found your way over from the New Year challenge Im sure you will have no problem reaching your goal and thanks for sharing your story .. giggling at the butt at mum

WATCH - I just have to ask .. WHAT is normal size? I do worry when kids are labelled and am rather defensive when I hear my grandkids or goddaughter being described physically .. ok .. so health wise it can be an issue, but it can always be helped in a lot more positive way than I have heard or grown up with .. helping their self esteem instead of tearing it down … and I love food too .. usually the wrong ones lol .. And OMG .. You are a BABE!!! Look at your beautiful eyes!!! Thank you so much for sharing and glad you are liking the experience of a pic more now

WANNA - Thats ok .. Im sure we all have weeks like this .. I admit to being tempted to “freebie” the week a few times .. but regardless of the bad behaviour I have learnt on my journey that I need to be accountable each week or I tend to let it slide further .. but that is just me Unbelievable about a 6 year old being categorised as needing to diet .. gees .. baby fat much maybe??? Unfortunately it still happens now .. definitely a pet peeve for me ..

SILENT - How is your new plan working … are you finding it better or worse than your original plan?

BETSY - Just to answer your add on question .. In my family its a 50/50 thing really .. my mum fights weight and has for as long as I can remember .. but she has never been obese .. my granny on mums side and grandad weren’t thin but they weren’t fat either …. and from what I have seen of pics of my dads parents they were weren’t big either .. but my brother is big and my sister was growing up but she is thinner now (so are 2 out of 3 of her kids), my brothers kids are the opposite - 2 out of 3 are bigger. My daughter fights weight (she has just lost 41kg) … and some of my cousins are big too .. so its a mixed bag in our genetics .. BUT one thing that is more common than not among us all .. BIG Bones .. most of us are tall and very broad shoulders with long fingers and legs.

UBEE - Wahoo on your loss this week hun Im sure you are feeling great about that too Oh and Lemon Flour is basically me grinding up crystallised lemon (or dehydrated is better) into a powder and mixing it with the flour. Otherwise just using Rice Flour or Almond Flour and lemon juice works just as well

STEPHANIE - Thanks for sharing hun … it is interesting how families deal with the weight of others, whether they experience it themselves or not. I know that my family meant well looking back .. but at the time the focus on my appearance really made me more self-conscious and not like myself very much .. I mean why should anyone like me when my family find me lacking … took a lot of work to get that through process changed Gotta ask .. what is Claim Jumper?? I realise it must be a restaurant .. but what sort of thing?? Like Dennys? (we have that in NZ lol) … or Wendys .. or a full on restaurant??

Just waiting for my hunny to pick me up at Starbucks after a very long day .. worked from 7am to 330pm without a break cos I was trying to catch up on so much today now that Im back at my main store .. lots of things to change around after the Mothers Day sale .. so totally exhausted and just want to go home to sleep lol .. but after not eating I better get dinner ready when I get home .. just a nice plate of veges would be more than welcome
Had 2 of my attacks yesterday One in the morning just after I got to work and unfortunately there was no-one else available to run the store so I had to stay and just get through it as well as I could .. and I had only had my Special K Cereal with trim milk .. like I have most mornings ... so darned if I know why it reacted this time .... and then we had Chinese for dinner and I had the same that I had last week .. but not long before midnight I had another attack so didn't get to sleep til about 1 by the time it stopped and I was able to relax enough to sleep .. only to have the alarm go off at 545 lol ... so yeah .. a little tired .. and a little nervous about eating so I didn't have breakfast this morning ... but I have been doing some research and Im going to try something to see if it will help ... so gotta stop on the way home to get some fresh beet roots, carrots, silver beet and a few apples to juice each day .. sort of a detox but its going to be with my usual food too

Right .. better go wait down the road in the parking for my hunny ... weather has turned miserable so might even make myself a bowl of soup for dinner I think Have a good night all !!


:Goal 1 - 300 pounds - reached 9.09.13 Goal 2 - 264.6 by 2/12/13 : reached 26.11.13
Goal 3 - 240 reached 23.05.14: Goal 4 - 220
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