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Originally Posted by PatLib View Post
But you can SAY you are gluten-free and buy stuff that says gluten-free on the box and make the assumption that you are free of gluten. I am pretty sure that is what he is making fun of, people who hear Gwyneth Paltrow say on GOOP that she is gluten-free and just follow her recipes without even consulting a doctor.
Yes, you can SAY you are gluten free. And I am a billionaire living on my own private island! LOL. And yes, there is a tremendous difference in true Celiac and the host of other wheat-induced maladies (allergy to wheat, gluten or wheat intolerance, etc). I do think it is a great thing that they are now labeling food to make it easier for people who suffer from these problems. What I don't like is how much JUNK there is masquerading as health food simply on the basis of its glutenlessness. Foods that are sure to make you diabetic, but darn tootin' no gluten!!!

So now we have people with real problems that are able to shop a little more safely. However, they have to shop next to the dude/dudette that doesn't eat gluten, but doesn't even know what it is or why he/she isn't eating it (Oh my gosh, it's going to make me fat!!!! Aaaahh!!!!).

And whatever Gwyneth Paltrow says has to be true. We should all follow her recipes, just because. (Sarcasm-just kidding)

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