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What angers me about the gluten free fad - and the mockery made of eating gluten free such as this video - is that it minimizes how dangerous gluten is for those who have Celiac. My nephew has Celiac and can end up in the emergency room from something as simple as cross contamination. Before gluten free became popular, he was taken seriously when he explained his condition. Now, people just roll their eyes at him.

Also, people do not understand that there is a difference between wheat free and gluten free. Those who are medically required to avoid gluten cannot eat things like malt, soy sauce, anything with modified food starch, etc. which generally are not an issue for those who are wheat intolerant because that condition is entirely different from Celiac.

I suspect that a large percentage of people who are following the gluten free trend are not only ignorant about gluten but have no medical condition which could benefit from this particular change in diet.

For those of us with Celiac, like my nephew, or with wheat intolerance, like myself, the fad has made shopping far easier than it used to be, but it also has seriously damaged our credibility, which is sad and frustrating.
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