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Originally Posted by pishposhappelsauce View Post
This is embarrassing, I hate to be like this and feel really rude but I find myself staring at other's people plates, not because I want what they have but because I'm calculating how many calories or carbs are in that meal. I never say what I'm thinking of course, but I need to relearn to keep my nose on my own plate again.
I've been catching myself doing the same thing. I used to be the biggest in the room but not so much anymore!

Originally Posted by Sparkles1212 View Post
Hi everyone,
I am at day 12 on IP. I lost 4lbs the first week and go tomorrow for wk 2. I have been 100% on program. By my scale no wt loss this week. I was expecting better results. I have always had trouble with lower calorie diet slowing down my metabolism. I feel great but am frustrated. Has anyone else experienced this so early in the program? Thanks for all your help
I have tried twice for DH to follow the program. 1 pound after 11 days the first time. Tried again for a week and didn't lose a pound. The attraction the the plan was rapid loss. I'm averaging 3.5 a week. He has no interest anymore.

Originally Posted by miholmes View Post
Dreams...last night I had several dreams about eating, eating food I really wanted and wasn't on my diet. And I woke up feeling horribly guilty. (but not gonna lie, in the dream the food was fantastic)

Anyone else have this? I think I worry too much about my "homeade" meal. Is it okay to have the burger with no bun, tons of pickles and lettuce? (I posted the question about it here last week) Anyway I'm seeing results and that's fantastic...but the old cravings are still there.

So I was kind of toying with a 1 cheat day a month. Just to kind of have something to hold out until. Is this a terrible idea? I know it sets me back 3 days. But in the long run, I'm wondering if it's worth it.... idk.

I mean I don't want to go hog wild, but a piece of cake on my birthday with some ice cream, or that special dinner you love. Am I justifying? Is it okay? I know I'm on phase 1 until the weight is lost and most people want to plow through until it's lost.

But taking a breath every month, a bad idea?

DON'T DO IT!! You can make cake out of an IP product and add some WF marshmallow topping. It will be maintenance before you know it. One cheat turns into more. Just read some of the other posts. If you think you are strong enough to keep it to only one day a month than you are also strong enough to not do it at all.

Originally Posted by AmberLS View Post
Feeling pretty good today, last night at Mothers Day dinner with my brother, sister in law, my nephews and my own children one of my nephews says "auntie Amber I don't think you're fat I think you're normal" which was nice because he has some filter issues and has prior to this diet made comments about my big butt. I'm also sitting here realizing I need to take two pieces out of my watch, it's too loose. Pants are fitting good, I think I am going to need a new size soon and that's always fun. Now I was going through my jeans and I got rid of all 22 and above jeans, but now I have 20's and 18's to get rid of but for some reason I'm having a hard time getting rid of them, especially 18's. I've worn them for so long. I'm wondering if I should hold on to them till I've successfully maintained for a year or am I setting myself up?
I'm the same. I got rid of my biggest, but some things I have kept But I need to get rid of them. When I was on WW in 2012, I kept my biggest pants as a reminder. Guess what I was wearing when I weighed in for IP? If I didn't have all those pants to grow back into, maybe I would have smartened up sooner!

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