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Yikes, my scale showed me 119 this morning! Had a lot of sodium yesterday and woke up early today for an appt., so hopefully tomorrow morning will look much more...normal? Oo, nice to consider 115 normal!

to you, Susan - hope you can run your funk right outta town. Too bad life doesn't just stay on a nice even keel, but somehow it just won't! Anyway, mid-life - we should probably be trying to see the glass as half-full, don't you think? We still have DECADES to do all kinds of fun stuff, plus the wisdom to appreciate the experiences! So let's get to it already!

Rennie, you silly goose - you are so not going to stay in the 160's; the next decade is right there for the grabbing and you will be firmly in it very shortly - just keep on, you're stronger than those little mouths! (That image really made me laugh)

Zumba, sounds like things are going well with the trainer - yay! Doing something good for yourself is a great thing.

And on that note, I was thinking the other morning while shaving my legs (a once-in-a-blue-moon event) how kind of amazing my calves look. And I thought. what if everyone stated at least one thing about themselves that they really, really like? So, what amazes YOU about yourself today? Come on, there's got to be some - we ARE amazing, after all!! and to all!

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