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Originally Posted by thirti4thirty View Post
I'm turning 30 this year. End of story.
^^^^ THIS !!!! I turned 30 last November and I just knew I had to do something about my weight, I spent my entire 20s as a fat girl, I wasn't going to let my 30s be dictated by my weight!!

plus it took a whole stack of straws in my case..
- this lady at work once told me to take some party leftovers home to the kids! I don't have kids, I didn't even have a husband.
- my friends would joke about my weight and I would ignore them like one time we went to this park where everyone was doing adventure sports like climbing and zip lining and my friends told me that I would not be able to do it, I'd just make excuses saying I wasn't up for trying it out anyway.
- This one time at 6 flags where the attendant told me they couldn't let me ride because the belt wouldn't fasten and I had to get out of the ride and my entire group of friends got out with me (I cried like a kid that day)
- the airplane seat belt wouldn't fasten and I would get too embarrassed to ask for an extension so I would just sit and pray for a safe flight (yes I never fastened that seat belt, the entire flight, I hid the belt under my jacket pretending it was clasped

The signs kept coming and I was in such denial about my weight I guess I decided to do something about it when it started threatening the future of my relationship. I got dumped for being overweight once, I didn't want to go through THAT again. No matter how big the ego, sometimes it's for the best to just listen, take charge and do something about it.

Needless to say, 50 lbs later, my colleagues keep complimenting my weight loss and so does everyone else on this super supportive website!! I don't need the extra seat belt in airplanes anymore, I went to 6 flags again and went on ALL the rides, I zip lined TWICE

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