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Oh man....I think I finally was just fed up! My nosey old neighbor also told me that I was gaining weight and deep inside i knew it but It took someone actually saying something to get me in gear. I was already over weight and then I gained more weight from being in a relationship (like 10 pounds) but I had to catch it before it got REALLY out of hand. I didn't want to be that person who lets herself go once she finds someone. Also despite being overweight for 7 years I always had a waist but I started to lose it! I was getting bulky and losing my feminine figure Also when I started the thin girls in the kitchen I work in told me cutting carbs wasnt going to work and now that they know I lost 35 pounds they kiss my *** So I had to show them what was up 25 more to go until I'm back to 18 year old weight and under 20 more untill I'm not considered overweight anymore!

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