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Hi all,

Things have calmed down for me, at least for a little while. This weekend was the first weekend in a long time I didn't have to work or study (well, at least for an immediate test). I actually got to relax, woke up early to walk the dog, practiced my guitar, which I haven't done in months, even streamed a JM workout and worked up a sweat. It was nice to breathe a little bit. I did crack open my GRE study guide and have a lot of refreshing to do. My brain isn't 20 anymore.

BF and I celebrated last week because we bought a lot! (Just a lot, no house, can't afford the house right now lol). We live in a pricy area, but with prices starting to rise again, we know we won't be able to afford it at all in a few years. We found a nice lot that was a great deal and snapped it up. We hope to build on it some day, but if something happens with my job and we need to sell, it's a great investment too. I feel so adult. Actually no. I feel like a kid disguised as an adult.

Krampus, do you have a lake or river that you fish in? Sounds fun! I am curious what fiddleheads taste like. Have you had them before? I've only heard about them on TV etc.

Arctic Mama, happy birthday!!! And congratulations! Enjoy your birthday cake.

Michele, I hope you get more sleep tonight and DD feels better too.

Alison, well, your DD is just expressing her personal style. I'm sure she'll look beautiful!

Happy belated Mother's Day to all the moms here.
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