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Sorry about my morose posting earlier. I just got back from the post office, where I sent Ignace's 60th birthday prez on its way to Belgium. If she had not cancelled her plans to come visit me, she and I would be together at the beach right now. =sad face= But then she would've missed out on getting to meet the kittens, so maybe it's just as well.

I'm declaring today a melancholy day, which is a distinct improvement over yesterday's very depressed day. And I'm taking another day off from the BERP, since yesterday didn't really count as a day off. We have rain clouds here in Maryland, which is kind of nice, actually, because it suits my mood. And yet rain in this area is so wimpy, it always makes me homesick for the serious tropical-monsoon-like rains of Houston.

Trish— I'm sorry to hear that things with your mother are turning so sour! I don't get along with my mother either, and she used to do the same thing as it sounds like yours does—buy me stuff instead of loving me. I hope you'll get your balance back when you return from Florida.

Amy— I forgot to say this: Snickers is really cute, and the two of you together are even cuter! I'm so glad you have a pal like that. I'm looking forward to having a couple of furry pals of my own, when late July comes 'round.

Kathleen— Thanks for the vote of support re. the BERP. They spread straw over the raw muddy mess the workers made of the lawn overlapping ours and our neighbor's, and the trucks & tractors have stopped showing up, so I think the landscaping work is over, thank God. Now it's quiet enough that the loudest thing I hear is the sound of birds chirping—yay! That's too bad you have to return to housework. Oh and me both!

worththeeffort2— Are you sure I can't talk you into giving us a name to call you? How 'bout your middle name, or a name you happen to like?

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