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Originally Posted by Arctic Mama View Post
What annoys me is that so many people take this to mean that everyone who does gluten free is a moron following a fad. I could have told them quickly and easily exactly what gluten is and why I generally avoid it (and I'm not even gluten free, just generally low carb). But a few folks with their neuroses make legitimate dietary choices look silly, and that bugs me.
Agreed. I'm gluten free (without having a medical diagnosis) but it took me almost no time at all to notice the benefits of cutting it out. Very little bloating/gas/discomfort compared to when I was eating gluten. I eat a couple of cheese its or a bite of a sandwich and it's back for the entire following day.

I tried it due to issues and found that it works for me. That makes me more in tune with my body, not a moron!
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